The Benefits of Car Leasing

Car Leasing is a hassle free way of driving a brand new car. It’s like renting a vehicle but over a longer period of time. These days more and more people are choosing Leasing as the best and cheapest way to drive the car of their choice. So, what are the benefits…

Get the Brand New Car of Your Choice

With Leasing you can drive a car that might otherwise be out of your price range if you were buying on finance. PLUS you can get to drive a brand-new car every two or three years.

Stress Free

No longer worry about your car breaking down on you, with Leasing you get the absolute peace of mind knowing you have a reliable car. 

Lower Deposit

You don’t always need a big deposit to buy your dream car. With Leasing you can drive away a brand-new vehicle with a deposit as low as one monthly rental payment.

Low Monthly Payments

Monthly payments are lower than a conventional car purchase.

Fixed Price Motoring

When you lease a car you know exactly how much your motoring will cost you every month.  Avoid extra costs, the leasing contract will include road tax, and can also cover servicing, maintenance costs, replacement tyres and roadside breakdown/recovery for a small additional fee – so no surprise bills.


The most expensive part of motoring is usually the loss of value that your vehicle experiences over time, otherwise known as depreciation. When you Lease a car you dont need to worry about this at all. 

Hassle Free Returns

At the end of your Leasing Contract you dont have to worry about selling the vehicle privately or using it as part-exchange for your next vehicle. Instead you simply hand the car back to the finance company with no costs to pay or start afresh on another contract on a new car. This means you’re not tied down to a long contract and there’s very little long-term commitment involved. 

Is Leasing The Right Option For me ?

Here are the big advantages and disadvantages of Leasing, to help you work out if Car Leasing is for you. 


  • It is usually the lowest upfront & monthly costs for a brand new car (especially upmarket models).
  • Cover from the manufacturer’s warranty for the term of the deal.
  • Road tax and breakdown cover included – sometimes, servicing too.
  • No worries about how much value your car will lose over the term – it’s not your problem.
  • Its very simple. You pay monthly then hand your car back to the finance company at the end of the contract.


  • You will not ever own the car – you are just the driver for the term of the deal.
  • Monthly payments may be low, but you don’t get the cash when the car’s finally sold.
  • Limited mileage. Drive over the limit, and you’ll pay for it. 
  • You could be liable for high charges if you damage the car.
  • If the car is written off and the insurer’s value is less than the leasing company’s, you may be liable for the difference.


So why not Lease a car and get that wonderful new car smell, a car with all the latest gadgets and tech. A cool new car to make your friends and neighbours jealous. You change your mobile phone very 2-3 years so why not your car as well?

What Next ?

If you are interested in Leasing a vehicle then you need to speak to one of our partners. They will answer any questions you might have and give you a quote for a specific vehicle OR can let you know what car you can get to suit your budget.

The companies we work with offer a more bespoke service than most Car Leasing Brokers. You will get a direct point of contact who will be with you every step of the way. So if you prefer to be treated as an individual rather than just another number I’m sure you will LOVE the fantastic service you will be given.

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