Business Owners

Got Any Unconverted Leads?

Our Super Smart AI Bot can requalify them for you & send them straight to your sales team for closing, without spending more on new leads.

Are you are serious business owner looking to grow your business?

Have you spent a fortune in the past on advertising only for these leads to sit dormant in your CRM?

Well now there is a new way using ChatGPT & AI to Unlock the Power of Your Existing Database

Thanks to our Revolutionary Database Reactivation Service...

letting old leads go to waste

missing out on potential sales from past enquiries

thinking you need to constantly spend money on new leads

You may not realise it, but, your most valuable leads might already be sat in your database

Here's the Reality...

You've spent time and money acquiring these leads

They have already shown interest in your products or services

They're familiar with your brand. Why let them go cold?

Here's Your AI-powered Solution...

We will transform your CRM database into qualified sales calls, ready for your team to seal the deal.

Using our ChatGPT-driven software, we engage your leads. Ensuring human-like interactions 24/7 x 365. Our service never sleeps.

Imagine the results of having a sales team that works round the clock.

We create a campaign tailored to your business. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all.

See an immediate ROI, obtain results faster than traditional marketing methods.

100% GDPR Compliant Campaigns.

Benefits You Can't Ignore...

Re-engage with customers who already know you.

Boost your sales without increasing your marketing budget.

Strengthen relationships with new and past leads & clients.

Flexible deal structures available, including upfront payments, share of profits or pay per appointment. Choose what suits you best.

How It Works...


We dive deep into your database, identifying potential leads.


Using tailored messages, we re-engage and reignite interest.


Watch as old leads turn into fresh sales.

Real Results...

  • Businesses have seen a 60-70% higher probability of selling to an existing customer.

  • Why chase new leads when you can re-engage the ones you already have?

Ready to Reactivate...

  • You don't need to break the bank

  • You don't need to wait months.

  • Enquire Now and watch your dormant database come to life.

Please note, we can only work with clients who meet this criteria:

Established Business

You must have been in operation for at least 2 years with a proven sales conversion process.

Customer Database

You must have a minimum database of 1000 leads, that are either old or have never done business with you before that includes their name and mobile phone number.

Proven Offer

You will need a proven offer that you know converts well. If you don’t have one we will help research one for you.

Business Growth

You will need to have the ability to bring on new customers, clients or patients for business growth.

Lifetime Customer Value

You understand the lifetime value of a new customer and the worth of any proven offer you promote to this database.


You must be be willing to give us access to your CRM (subject to an NDA)

What is Database Reactivation?

Database reactivation is an efficient strategy that cleans and consolidates your customer records while deploying smart retargeting tactics to awaken dormant customers and transform them into active leads. By reigniting their interest, you can build a robust, engaged customer base, reviving relationships with people who have enquired about your services/products in the past.

Our Artificial Intelligence marketing platform streamlines the process of customer reactivation, allowing you to devote your energy to capitalising on fresh opportunities presented by your reawakened clientele. With our strategic approach, you could witness significant results, saving you expense on third-party lead generation.

Uncover the potential opportunities lying dormant in your database with LeadExperts.AI. By leveraging this revolutionary new service, these rejuvenated leads come with a high propensity to convert. Experience increased growth without any new ad spend!

A selection of the business sectors we can run Database Reactivation Campaigns for...

Business Loans

Commercial Mortgages

Equity Release

Solar Installers

Bathroom Installers


Dentists [Invisalign]

Kitchen Remodellers

Plastic Surgeons

Property Investments

Estate Planning

Pension Transfers

Heat Pump Installers

ECO4 Installers

Whisky Investments

Hearing Aids

Laser eye surgery

Private Medical Insurance

3 Easy Steps To

Guaranteed Leads

Forward us your customer list

Our team cleans up your data and starts contacting customers

You take care of the newly booked appointments from your reactivated leads

Ready To Work With Us?

Eager to Unleash the Power of Database Reactivation? Secure Your Appointment Now to Discover How Our Unique Services Can Fuel Your Business Growth

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